"Sobbing into my hoodie in her couch in Denver I said, “I hate my body. And my body hates me. My body is my biggest enemy.” With her usual kind-hearted patience Carolyn said, “I think I have the opposite experience. When I feel really sick, I feel extremely aware of how hard my body is working, how hard it is fighting to keep me alive. On my worst days I feel so much love and gratitude for each and every cell of my body working to pull me through.” I’m not sure I’ve ever had the experience of having my perspective changed so quickly. In that instant, I started seeing my body as my ally, and I started nurturing a new belief that i could trust my body to tell me the truth. Pain, after all, is the body talking. Panic is the body talking. More times than not the message is simply, “There is more to heal.”"

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because theft is illegal


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"Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life."

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"Whenever you’re going through a bad day just remember, your track record for getting through bad days, so far, is 100%; and that’s pretty damn good."

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…. This. 😌


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"Why should you worry about the future? You don’t even know the present properly. Take care of the present and the future will take care of itself."

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"I want something else. I’m not even sure what to call it anymore except I know it feels roomy and it’s drenched in sunlight and it’s weightless and I know it’s not cheap. It’s probably not even real."

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can you believe that there are legal nipples and illegal nipples

That’s it, that’s actually it.

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