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"Let’s admit, without apology, what we do to each other."

Detail of the Fire by Richard Siken

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even just a little better, a little happier

even just a little better, a little happier

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10/10 THIS

I actually adore her because I’ve NEVER seen a black person get to be so fucking frank and honest about racial injustice on tv.

She’s real, she’s smart, she’s witty, she’s informed and she’s fucking unapologetic. I’m obsessed.


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by Natalya Lobanova


by Natalya Lobanova

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looks like a fun jump :)

looks like a fun jump :)

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"The Buddhists say if you meet somebody and your heart pounds, your hands shake, your knees go weak, that’s not the one. When you meet your ‘soul mate’ you’ll feel calm. No anxiety, no agitation"

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"Confidence isn’t walking into a room with your nose in the air, and thinking you are better than everyone else, it’s walking into a room and not having to compare yourself to anyone else in the first place."

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"If you can not be a poet, be the poem."

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